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    Forthcoming Dates

    Please note that the dates/times noted below are subject to change.

    FEBRUARY 2020

    Friday 7
    Set up for CASCA table top sale, Main Hall, 1.30pm-5.30pm

    Saturday 8
    Tabletop sale, 2.30pm-4.30pm

    Monday 10
    Y11 GCSE MFL speaking mock exams

    Tuesday 11
    Y9 Technology trip, Design Museum
    Y13 Photography trip, 9am-3.30pm
    Y12 Drama students - Donmar workshop, Main Hall, 9am-11am
    Shadow Heroes translation workshop, Room 1.0, 3.45pm-5.15pm

    Wednesday 12
    Orchestra concert rehearsal, Main Hall
    Orchestra/ensembles concert, Main Hall, 7pm-9.30pm

    Thursday 13
    Y11 Info & ideas English Mock p1-3, Large Studio, 9am-11am
    YEAR 8 Parents’ Evening, 5pm-7pm

    Friday 14
    HALF TERM BREAK – Return to school Monday 24 February

    Monday 24
    Return to school
    Y10-11 talk about breast cancer – Coppafeel, 10.20am-11am
    Sixth form music place auditions, C30, 1pm-4pm

    Tuesday 25
    GCSE Music ensemble performance coursework, All Day

    Wednesday 26
    Y13 Mock resits, 9am-3.30pm
    Sixth form music place auditions, C30, 3.30pm-6pm

    Thursday 27
    Y7-8 BAE Systems, RAF 7 Royal Navy Show, 8.30am-12.30pm
    Y9 Parents’ Evening, 5pm-7pm

    Friday 28
    GCSE PE Y10 - 11 Assessments, 9am-11am


    MARCH 2020

    Monday 2
    Y8 BBC News Report Day

    Tuesday 3
    Science AQA Hub, 4pm-6pm

    Wednesday 4
    Dance show rehearsals, Main Hall, All day
    WE Day Y9 trip, All day
    Y12 Art Amsterdam Parents' meeting, Main Art room, 5.30pm-6.30pm
    Dance Show, Main Hall, 6pm-7pm
    Y12 D of E Parents' meeting, Room 1.10, 6pm-7pm

    Thursday 5
    Choral/vocal concert, St Michael's church or C30, 7pm-9.30pm

    Friday 6
    Y10 Macbeth English Mock, Large Studio, p4 - 5