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    Headteacher’s News

    This week: UCAS Cycle 2020 and Parent Governor meeting.

    We are now drawing to the end of the Higher Education application cycle, and our UCAS Co-ordinator has written this informative account of the choices our sixth form students are making. We wish them every success in their preparation for the next stage of their education.

    UCAS Cycle 2020
    In this cycle we processed 201 applications, including 52 from previous students, indicating that applying during a Gap year remains a popular option.

    University Choices
    Each student can apply for a maximum of 5 universities, which are not ranked in order of preference, and the majority of students use all 5 choices.

    Their choices this year include 87 different UK universities, but the most popular, and continuing the trend from recent years are as follows:

    1. University of Bristol - 56% of students include Bristol as one of their choices

    2. University of Manchester - 53%

    3. University of Leeds - 44%

    4. University of Edinburgh - 31%

    Course Choices
    The most popular courses this year on the Arts and Humanities side include History, Politics, Economics, English and Geography.

    On the Science side, Neuroscience, Medicine and Physics are popular in this cycle.

    We also have students applying for a range of more unusual subjects including Planetary Science, Culinary Arts, Arabic and World Philosophies and Evolutionary Anthropology.

    There has also been an increase in the number of applications for practical courses including Film Making, Product Design and Photography.

    All but 18 students have already received at least one offer, 36 have received all 5. There is still plenty of time for universities to make decisions, the majority of which come in by the end of March.  Students can then make their decisions, choosing a firm and insurance place and declining the rest.  Our UCAS advisor is available for individual guidance regarding these choices.

    Nicola Bayley
    UCAS Co-ordinator


    Parent Governor meeting – Wednesday 5 February 2020
    Unfortunately, this meeting has had to be postponed – a new date will be listed in our forthcoming dates when arranged.

    Elizabeth Kitcatt