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    What are you Reading During the Holidays?

    Reading regularly outside of school is important. But does it matter what young people read? According to recent research, it definitely does. Teenagers who read fiction almost every day, were found to achieve much higher scores on reading tests than those who spent the same amount of time each week reading other types of material such as information books, magazines and web sites.

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    The Christmas holiday is the perfect time to read.  It is cold and dark outside, and after the festivities are over, there is plenty of time to fill.  

    Maybe we should literally “take a leaf out of Iceland’s book”.  In Iceland they have a Christmas tradition called “jólabókaflód” (yo-la-bok-a-flot) or “Yule Book Flood”. On Christmas Eve, Icelanders give each special presents, a new book. They then spend the rest of the evening reading these books and eating chocolate.

    Books make fantastic presents, but you don’t have to buy every book that you read.  We have a fantastic selection of fiction books in the school library for you to borrow. The library is open before school, at break, at lunch and after school until 4.30pm each day for you to make your selection.  And if you need advice, Ms Green, the librarian is always willing to help you.  There are also reading lists on the school website.

    Happy Christmas and Good Reading!
    Ms Green