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    Pink Day 2019

    This year’s Pink Week (16 -18 October) was a huge success. The theme was ‘Dreams for the Future’ and we had people dressed as ballerinas, policewomen and cowboys. I can speak for everyone when I say we had a lot of fun.

    The head girl team (dressed as the notorious Pink Police) ran around the school and burst into classrooms to collect donations for the charity we raise money for - Breast Cancer Care. At break we conga’d to Kentish Town and at lunch we had the catwalk, with teachers and students competing for one of our prizes. (The prizes were for best dressed, best teacher and best walk).

    Breast cancer is an issue that has affected - and will affect - too many of the teachers, students and parents in the CSG community. We do not only raise money to help the women and men affected, we raise money because cancer is everyone’s fight.

    You can still donate to our fundraising campaign by donating to our Pink Day GoFundMe page (all money goes straight to Breast Cancer Care).

    Type “Pink Day breast cancer fundraising at CSG” into the search bar in the website, click on our page and help us raise £500 via our online fundraiser.


    Head Girl – Main School