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    International Competition for Young Debaters 2021

    On Saturday 20 March, eight students took part in the London round of the International Competition for Young Debaters (ICYD), which is this year being run by Cambridge University. ICYD is open to students in Years 7-10 and teams from across the world take part.

    The round took place entirely online this year with 76 teams from across London and southern England taking part.

    The teams from CSG were as follows;

    • CSG A - Charlotte and Eliza (both Year 10)
    • CSG B - Gloria and Orla (both Year 9)
    • CSG C - Melita and Malaika (both Year 8)

    Over the course of the day, students took part in four debates.

    1. This house would ban international aid charities from using sensational, graphic, or overly-emotional images of suffering in fundraising and advertising campaigns.
    2. This house would penalise sporting clubs for the poor behaviour of their fans.
    3. This house would tax companies that use automation to replace human workers.
    4. This house would abolish trial by jury.

    At the end of the day, the teams from CSG hadn't done quite enough to make it to finals day, but it was a great experience and judges were very complimentary in their feedback on their performances - particularly as for most students this was their first experience of debating competitions.

    Well done to all those who took part!

    Mr Gunn