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    Mental Health – Weekly Tip ​​​​​​​

    Camden Learning's Health and Wellbeing Team weekly tips to promote healthy and positive wellbeing amongst the whole school community:

    Thoughts are not facts 

    Sometimes we can experience a flood of negative thoughts that can lead us to question ourselves and our abilities. These thoughts can spiral out of control and leave us feeling low and not good about ourselves. By reminding ourselves that these thoughts are not facts, we can begin to take control of them, rather than letting them control how we feel and behave. We do not have to attach any meaning to them, we can let them come in and out, give them no power and see them as clouds drifting through our minds. Remember that they are not a reflection of reality or of our true selves and we do not have to react to each one. The more we can start to do this, the more we can be in control of our thoughts and not let them affect our mood, our self-esteem and our self-belief.